in silence i am screaming

I opened myself up, while keeping distance to reality.
I am a disturbance, while becoming one with my surrounding.
I wanted your attention without words, by just being me.

You saw me. - You stared at me.
The white stare going through my existence, crashing into everything I am standing for. - In this specific moment and always.

Society of the spectacle.
I am a representation of what I am standing for and more.

I pushed you away - by being myself.
A woman of colour sharing her thoughts.
A woman of colour that wants to be heard.

Breathing- eye contact.
___________________Breathing- eye contact.
______________________________________Grounding my body
Breathing- eye contact.
___________________Breathing- eye contact.

I am stepping out of the system.
A system marked by fast living and ignorance.
A system filled with judgement.
A space in which is no air to breath.

Moving entities, their mind occupied with the images on a screaming screen.
The kind of screaming that gets attention.

Breathing- eye contact.
___________________Breathing- eye contact.
_____________________________________Grounding our bodies
Breathing- eye contact.
___________________Breathing- eye contact.

A dialogue that never happened.

I am still screaming in silence.
perform against slavery

2016 | Netherlands
Samira Saidi